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LATPP Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The wraparound support provided by LATPP (test prep, coaching/advising about credential programs and financial aid, Skill Building Experience) is FREE! We are a grant-funded program so this support is at no cost to participants in our partner school systems. Plus, as an LATPP participant, you will receive $2,000 toward the costs of becoming a teacher. You will be responsible for tuition toward your BA with Rivet School (if you don’t already have one) and/or credential program.  The costs vary by program and by individual, depending on what financial aid you may qualify for. Your LATPP coach will help you determine the costs and navigate the financial aid process with the goal of finding the pathway that is most affordable for you.

What financial assistance is available?

All participants will receive $2,000 from LATPP. $500 is paid at the end of the semester upon completion of the Skill Building Experience.  The remaining $1,500 is paid for tuition reimbursement at the end of your first semester of your credential program.


You may also be eligible for other financial aid toward your BA or credential program.  If you are getting your BA through Rivet School as part of LATPP, Rivet School will work with you to determine what financial aid you qualify for; see more about financial assistance for Rivet School here. Your LATPP coach will support you to understand and navigate financial aid opportunities for your credential program so that you can access the most financial aid possible.  And the goal of LATPP is that you are able to maintain an income while you complete coursework so you don’t have to worry about lost wages.

What are the different options available for credential programs?

LATPP partners with Intern and Residency programs that allow you to earn income while you work toward your credential. You can see an overview of the features of our partner credential programs here. Below is a list of our current credential program partners available for participants in each of our partner school systems.  Use the links to find more information about each of these programs.

If you work in this LATPP partner school system

You can enroll in one of these credential programs

What type of credential can I get?

LATPP’s professional development Skill Building Experience focuses on Multilingual Learners across all grade levels and subject areas.  There is also a Skill Building Experience tailored to participants who are interested in teaching Transitional Kindergarten. As an LATPP participant you can opt to pursue any credential offered by the credential program partner you choose (see the list above).

How long does the program take?

This depends on your personal circumstances and the program(s) you choose. If you are pursuing your BA through Rivet school as part of LATPP, the coursework is self paced and you can earn your BA in as little as two years depending on how quickly you are able to move through your coursework.  You can find more information about the time commitment for Rivet School here.  Our partner credential programs take between 1-2 years to complete, depending on the program. 

What are the schedule requirements? 
Are there in-person meetings I will have to attend?

LATPP support is either job-embedded or virtual. Your LATPP coach will work with you to determine a virtual meeting schedule that fits your life.  The in-person component of the semester-long Skill Building Experience takes place during your regular work day at your school. LATPP may host some in-person community-building events that are optional to attend. If you are getting your BA through Rivet School, coursework is entirely virtual and can be completed at any time on your own schedule.  Each partner credential program has a different schedule for coursework and requirements for in-person vs virtual.  Your LATPP coach can review the different options with you and help you choose the best program for your schedule.

I previously completed coursework toward a BA or credential program, can I transfer those units?

This depends on the coursework you have completed and the program(s) you choose.  If you  are pursuing your BA through Rivet school as part of LATPP, you can have your transcripts evaluated and will likely be eligible to transfer some credits.  If you’ve earned an AA degree, that will likely transfer over. You can find more information about credit transfer with Rivet School here.  If you are looking to transfer graduate credits from a credential program, that will be subject to review by the program you choose to enroll in.  Your LATPP coach can help you navigate this process.

Am I guaranteed a job once I get my credential?

The school systems we work with have committed to partnering with LATPP because they want to invest in you and hope that you continue to work at your school or district after you become credentialed.  LATPP and your school system will work together to do our absolute best to help you secure a position to continue serving your community as a teacher.

What if things change and I can no longer participate in LATPP?

You can pause your enrollment with LATPP at any time and return to the program when it’s right for you.  Or, if you decide LATPP is not the right fit you can withdraw without obligation. Any tuition you have paid to partner programs is non-refundable, but there are no financial penalties for withdrawing or pausing.

How do I enroll in LATPP and what happens next?

If you do not yet have a BA, these are the steps to enroll, which includes enrolling in Rivet School to complete your BA coursework:

If you already have your BA, these are the steps to enroll:

  • Attend an LATPP Information Session or 1:1 call with a member of our team

  • Complete the LATPP Enrollment Form before the enrollment deadline

    • You’ll receive a link to this form after you attend the Info Session

    • Check our website to see the next enrollment deadline

  • Attend Virtual Orientation and sign your LATPP Commitment Form

  • Begin working with your LATPP coach.  You’ll focus on: making a plan for test prep, discussing credential programs, finances & timeline, preparing for Skill Building Experience

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